2019 Beer and Sweat

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2019 Beer and Sweat

Post by SkyBrew » Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:30 am

I've always wanted to go to this but never seem to be available the week it happens.

Its a keg only homebrew competition


Beer & Sweat is the world’s largest KEG-ONLY (no bottles allowed!) homebrew competition by volume!

This BJCP-sanctioned competition takes place Saturday afternoon ending with the Best of Show judging and finally the awards ceremony in the evening. Once the awards have been given, the biggest homebrewed party that you will ever experience continues well into the evening with music, raffles and partying!


After two years at our new location, we are happy to announce that they want Beer & Sweat back! Once again, we are at the Marriott CVG Airport.

Book online for the preferred room rate of $119. To book over the phone, please call 800-696-0165 and reference the name of the event (Bloatarian Brewing League Beer & Sweat). Please ensure you are using the link or call with the group code for your reservation as we have a minimum number of rooms we are required to have booked in order to hold the event so it is important that everyone counts! Do not wait until the last minute or you may miss out on the discount. This code for a discounted room expires July 26. Book here:

Book room here!

Welcome! Here are some highlights regarding the competition:

This competition will use the 2015 BJCP guidelines as adjusted in Appendix A2 as a starting point for flighting. However, entry counts may dictate styles may be split out or combined. All BJCP styles are accepted - soda entries are accepted too (soda, mead, and cider are not eligible for Best of Show). You must specify the appropriate category and subcategory names, numbers and letters, brewer’s name along with co-brewer and club (if applicable). An entrant may have one entry per substyle.

*** Note that custom beer names are encouraged and will be shown on your tap tags! ***

Please see http://www.bjcp.org/docs/2015_Guidelines_Beer.pdf for information on how to categorize your homebrew. Ask if you have questions!

Beer Example: Robert Brewer, Awesome Homebrew Club, 20A American Porter, ‘Totally Brilliant Porter’

Mead/Cider Example: Bosmo & King Swanky, Bloatarian Brewing League, M1C, Traditional Mead, Sweet Mead, *Still, *Standard, *Dry (*you must specify carbonation level, strength and sweetness for all mead and cider entries. Please see http://www.bjcp.org/docs/2015_Guidelines_Mead.pdf and http://www.bjcp.org/docs/2015_Guidelines_Cider.pdf if you need help.)

Soda Example: Bosmo, Bloatarian Brewing League, Ginger Orange Creme (only a distinguishing name is required)

PLEASE NOTE: Sodas have always been and will likely continue to be judged by children of homebrewers attending the event. Your habanero pineapple soda may be awesome in its own right, just don’t expect the kids to love it.

Competition / Event Entry Fees, Etc: I am entering my homebrewed beer in the competition: Great! Your paid registration procures you an official commemorative Beer and Sweat sample glass and sampling wristband along with a 2019 individual membership to the Bloatarian Brewing League. If you are bringing any guests to the competition (spouses, friends, co-brewers, etc.) please refer to the non-entrant instructions below. You can pick up your registration packet AND DROP OFF KEGS to be stored overnight in a refrigerated truck from 5:00-7:30pm on Friday. You can also pick up registration materials during keg setup which is 8:00am-12:00 noon on Saturday. All entrants MUST have your kegged entries setup (lines tapped, CO2 levels set, iced, etc.) and ready to be judged NO LATER than 12 noon on Saturday. The hall will be cleared and doors closed at noon so please plan your morning accordingly. Seriously, get to the hall and set up early - stragglers will be shamed without mercy.

$12 for your first keg, $4 each additional kegs

Register your club affiliation so that your award winning entries count towards the coveted King Swanky award (see award section for details).

Special Arrangements for Shared CO2 and Jockey Boxes: Regardless of whether you put your entries in all at once or over time, the competition coordinator will group them next to each other or back to back. If you are sharing a CO2 tank with another entrant, please contact the competition coordinator no later than 8/7/19 so that your entries will be placed adjacent to each other. If you are using a jockey box instead of the provided tap hoses, please let the competition coordinator know.

Entry Windows

All entries must be paid in full and in the correct subcategory when registration closes - no changes after this point so check your kegs to ensure you have all information correct and you have sufficient volume (2+ gallons) in the keg to enter it
The competition has limited entry space so any unpaid entries deemed to be ’placeholders’ may be deleted by the competition staff as the entry deadline approaches to clear space for legitimate entries
After paying through PayPal, you must click the link to return to the competition site to get credit for the payment
I am entering only my homemade soda in the competition: Great! All soda entries are free (no need to checkout your registration through PayPal unless you have beer entries as well). You will receive a Designated Driver’s wristband and entry to the event. See DD rules below.

Non-Entrant Admission: Admission to the main hall (if you have not entered a keg, this includes co-brewers, or volunteered in some fashion) is $25/person. This procures you a 2019 individual membership to the Bloatarian Brewing League and one tasting glass (commemorative glasses included until supplies last). Admission is only after 5pm – the hall is closed to everyone except competition staff from noon to 5pm. If you would like to hang out, listen to the band and sample soda, you will receive a free Designated Driver wristband. Admission is free if you are a designated driver! Designated Drivers will be given a different colored wristband. Anyone seen drinking beer without a wristband or while wearing a DD wristband will be asked to leave immediately – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Beer & Sweat is designed to first be a homebrew competition and second a social event for members of the Bloatarian Brewing League. Beer & Sweat is a ‘Members Only’ event and not an ‘open-to-the-public’ event. If you are a dues paid BBL member by August 1, 2019 entry is included with your membership.

VOLUNTEER! This competition cannot be run by Bloatarians alone! Register and set your preferences for judging or stewarding. Judges, Stewards and Volunteers receive a complimentary 2019 individual membership to the Bloatarian Brewing League, entry to the event and as a thank you will receive a special gift and dinner on Saturday. Judges and stewards need to be available Saturday, Noon–5pm. Edit your profile on this site to volunteer as a judge or steward. General volunteer positions are also available. If you are interested in assisting at the Raffle Booth, Merch Sales or Registration Table please let us know! You need only ‘man the booth’ for 2 hours! While you ’work’, you reserve the unalienable right to command others to go and pour you a homebrew! SIGN UP AS AN EVENT VOLUNTEER HERE!


You can bring your kegs on Friday and store them in the hotel cooler. This helps keep them at a good temperature and you’ll know that they aren’t being jostled around right before judging.
MARK YOUR KEGS by printing out the keg labels provided by the competition software. Other identifying marks, tags, etc. are helpful when trying to find your kegs amongst 100+ others in the cooler!
Bring a container to keep your kegs in - big enough to contain your keg and enough ice (provided) to keep your keg cool (shoot for drinkable temps, not ice cold!).
We supply cobra taps and beer lines, you bring everything else. This means beer out connections, CO2 system, gas lines, and gas connections. If you wish to use your own tap lines bring some zip strips to attach your lines to the tap stands. This also lets us know not to cut your lines in the morning!
Drink lots of WATER. WATER is your FRIEND! HYDRATE all day long. This is a beer marathon, not a sprint! Drink lots of WATER!
Bring a couple extra bucks to get a shirt and tickets for our raffle - TONS of great stuff to win!
Talk to everyone! Ask other brewers about what they did to make the beer you are tasting.
FRIDAY NIGHT BOTTLE SHARE: This has now become an event in itself with 50 to 100 people showing up! It’s a great reason to book a room for a second night. Hang out in the parking area behind the hall Friday night to BS, drink, and share rare and unique beers. Whether it’s a homebrew or a really special bottle of something you’ve been saving this is a great excuse to break out the good stuff!

Keep up-to-date on everything B&S related:

Follow us on twitter: @BBLminister

Like us on Facebook: Beer & Sweat
Sky B.

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