Brewer's Cup Stewards Needed!

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Brewer's Cup Stewards Needed!

Post by Jam095 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:33 pm

For those who have not stewarded the Brewer's Cup before, it is a great experience filled with lots of beer, and food! The first session begins on Friday, July 13th at 2 pm (1 pm Central). Followed by a 6 pm session, then morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday. They serve dinner Friday night, and 3 meals on Saturday!

The Reception will begin immediately following the Saturday afternoon session, then on to the awards ceremony!

I will be driving up Friday morning, and will be stewarding the first 3 sessions, and setting up our club booth during the last session. I currently have 3 seats available if anyone would like to ride with me.

Here is the link to sign up- FYI, it is odd this year, as you have to Add Entry, then add each session to your shopping cart. Once your select your sessions, you do not need to add any CC info, just hit submit.
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